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Nafang Hotel Suppliers,Broad,Bid,Precise and Profound
Guangzhou Nanfang Hotel Suppoliers Co.,Ltd.was established in 1995 is a big and professional manufacturer specialized in hotel suppliers.

Broad Kind and mild,outstanding performance.
Nafang Hotel Suppliers Company possesses outstanding technology,product appearance and application advantages of different manufacturers,and is striving for providing quality products quality system,thus achieving perfection.

Big Path generate one,one generate two,two generate three and three generate everything
Since the establishment,Nafang Hotel Suppliers Company has constantly developed from small to big,and is dedicated to developing the "Nanfang" brand,we have directly participated into the projects for supplying for hotels and international business buildings,and the company has promoted thousands of varieties and speciffications of products,and the products have earned recommendation among clients,Currently,our business is flourishing and the quality and varieties rank leading in the industry.

Precise Diligence and precision,show advantages in details
We not only make exquisite hotel titanium products,wood products and outdoor leisure products but also advanced product name,model and size which is the first in the industry,in the aspect of bronze products,we have promoted anti-oxidation bronze and the products have earned high popularity from users,which has finish the history of maintaining bronze products with special agent.

Profound Top internal and outstanding appearance
Profound,means"innovate",is the core value of Nanfang culture,and shows the spirit of Nanfang people which is "no self-satisfaction,constant striving and innovating".Profound originates from heart,Nanfang people focus on "Faithfulness" in traditional Chinese culture, "faithfulness"means return,Nanfang people is returning the clients and society with best products and service.

Fall fruits and spring blooms,carry on the past and open a way for future,thanks our clients who look Nanfang Company as the partners,we are expecting to develop and advance for achieving another brilliance together with you.

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