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Shenzhen SUNBOW Investment Development Co., Ltd.

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SUNBOW Company is a hi-tech environmental protection enterprise incorporated in March 1998. At registered capital of RMB 60million .It funded andconstructed domestically largest environmental protection food container production base – SUNBOW Industrial Park in Jinkui Industrial Zone, Kuichong Sub-district Office, Longgang District, Shenzhen in November 2005.

Our Company involves mainly in R&D, production and sale of PGM macromolecule environmental protection material and its products of photo biodegradable plastic (environmental protection food packaging container). The Company possesses a strong team of professional science and technology talents. It adopts the most advanced production equipment and specification technology in overseas, provides streamlined service from mold design and fabrication, material research and development till specification manufacture and product molding, etc. PGM environmental protection food packaging container is a kind of hygienic food packaging container carrying no bacteria and made under 150℃ above high temperature conditions, therefore guarantees effectively the food free from pollution of bacteria, and prevention of food deterioration and food poisoning. The material also features of withstanding 130℃ high temperature, available for use in microwave oven. It can be also used in refrigerated or frozen environmental and withstand the minimum low temperature of -30℃.Talcum powders produced in Liaoning Province are used in PGM environmental protection food packaging container as raw material, since it reduces consuming of original plastic by 50 and effectively saves the petroleum resources , the PGM environmental protection food packaging container therefore saves effectively limited petroleum resources, hence also called as resource-saving and resource-recycling type food container. PGM environmental protection food packaging container takes plastic and inorganic substances as raw materials, which not only restrains the generation of dioxaanthracene at burning, but also brings down the generation of almost half amount of carbon dioxide etc. gases causing the greenhouse effect of earth. It is therefore a kind of new environmental protection products. Photo biodegradable plastic is a material which ratio for polypropylene with light and low temperature thermal oxidation of biodegradational master batch , poisonless and harmless, can be easily decomposed and eliminated by natural environmental. It is also the key to avoid “white pollution” and protect ecological environment. And the waste plastic produced there from can be recovered effectively at the same time and recycled into chairs , benches, and flooring materials, etc, which can be further recovered and reused for many times, therefore a kind of recycled type products in absolute conformity with the recycled economy policy of the State.

The PGM Modified Macromolecule Material and the photo biodegradable plastic’s Project of our Company has been recognized successively as Significant Construction Project of 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 Shenzhen Hi-Tech Project by Shenzhen Municipal Government, listed as Develop Recycled Economy Resource Recycle Model Project by Longgang District Government in April 2006, and recognized as First Lot Recycled Economy Model Project by Shenzhen Municipal Government in January 2007. Our Company has passed successively the ISO14001 Environmental Management Authentication, China Safety Environmental Protection Product Authentication, and ISO9001: 2000 Quality Management System Authentication as well as the compulsory QS Production Permit issued collectively by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine . In the year of 2008, Our company has passed successively the HACCP Food Safety System Authentication, China CNAS Laboratory Certification, ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management Authentication, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Authentication, Certification of AAA standardization to Enterprise for good behavior of the state this year.
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