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INDUC (Qingdao) Commercial Electrics Co., Ltd.

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Qingdao, a dynamic coastal city which hosted the 2008 Olympics Regatta, is not only famous for its exotic sceneries, architectures and its "Tsingtao Beer", but also holds the leading role in North China's electronics industry. Embraced in the spokes of motorways and railways, it is well-connected with all major cities of China. Being the third largest seaport and a major airport of the country, Qingdao is in close propinquity to all destinations worldwide.
In the bosom of the electronics industrial cluster, ECO KITCHEN is just 10 minutes away by car from Qingdao International Airport. Established by an ambitious entrepreneur management team with a 10000m2 manufacturing plant, the company is a R&D oriented manufacturer of induction heating systems.
Like Intel, ECO KITCHEN is dedicated to leading the industry by cultivating the "Induction Inside" concept, and is willing to provide induction heating systems to manufacturers of heavy-duty induction cookers who wish to maintain their core competitiveness in tomorrow's markets.
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